Here are some dances of mine that have not been fully vetted/tested, or that I’m still sort of lukewarm about in their current incarnation, but that I still wanted to be able to share with folks. You are more than welcome to call any of these dances, just know that you do so at your own peril. I accept no responsibilty for injury or death that results from calling dances on this webpage.

Holy Ghost by Maia McCormick (improper)

A1: neighbor gypsy

half hey (ladies by L)

A2: neighbor gypsy

neighbor swing

B1: circle L 3/4

partner swing

B2: R/L through across

circle L 3/4 and pass through

Notes: Written in mass in Amsterdam, Spring 2013.

Staying Awake in Mass by Maia McCormick (becket CCW)

A1: (new) ladies alle. R 1x WHILE gents half-orbit CCW (gents will go behind their partner)

neighbors alle. L 1 3/4

A2: NEXT neighbor box the gnat (no balance) (4)

pull by in the dir. you came to swing CURRENT neighbor (12)

B1: in CURRENT hands-4, ladies chain to partner

half hey (ladies by R)

B2: partner b&s

Notes: Written in mass in Amsterdam, Spring 2013.

Most of this one is danced with your CURRENT hands-4, but there is a brief jaunt into the future when you box the gnat with your next neighbor in A2.

At the beginning of the dance, ladies should look RIGHT for a new lady.

Teaching note: locate next neighbors (the one you’ll box the gnat with) in A1 after the allemande/orbit (look left on the side of the set).

Fuming in Mass by Maia McCormick (improper)

A1: neighbor b&s

A2: long lines forward, gents draw partner back with them and swing (give and take)

B1: long lines forward and back

R/L through across

B2: star L 3/4

neighbor see-saw 1 1/2 to a new neighbor

Notes: Because when the priest takes a Christmas service as an opportunity to lament that “the mere wish to preserve traditional marriage has you labeled a bigot,” what else can you but write a contradance in your head? Late 2014.