Poly Wanna Corner (improper)

A1: N balance and swing (end facing down)

A2: down the hall four in line, [ right / left ] side turn as couple/other side turn alone (puts the [ ravens / larks ] (actives) in the middle)

come back, [ larks / ravens ] (on the outside) gate their neighbor up and around to face across

B1: [ ravens / larks ] turn same role contra-corners

B2: same role balance and swing

C1: (roll out of swing for) partner balance and swing

C2: [ ravens / larks ] [ RH / LH ] chain across

[ left / right ] hand star 1x to new N’s

Notes: Active roles alternate; directions in brackets are for [ ravens / larks ] active, respectively. In the transition into CC, one of the actives will have an awkward hand transition – it’s up to the neighbor gating them to pass their right hand into the allemande. In CC, one of your corners is your partner, don’t be alarmed. C2 chain is always done by the actives.