Friday evening

  • No-walk medley:
    • Treasure of the Soda Bar (Maia McCormick) – simple square through dance based on James Hutson’s “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”
    • Alternating Corners (Jim Kitch) – quintessential alternating contracorners dance
    • Triassic Poetry (Lindsey Dono) – visit future N via weaving figure on the side
    • Minimum Fuss, Maximum Fun (Dean Snipes) – the easiest box circulate dance
  • Zombies of Sugar Hill (Gene Hubert) – slide left to circle with shadow, CA twirl with N, find P again
  • Would You Do It For $20 (Robert & Louie Cromartie) – most of contracorners + hey on the diagonal
  • Wasatch Wiggle (Erik Weberg) – petronella-nella turn
  • Message From the Future (Maia McCormick) – mad robin > hey > larks walk around, slide L > circle > chain to N
  • No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk (Chris Weiler) – contra mixer. No seriously, a contra mixer.
  • Faking Communion (Maia McCormick) – weave the line, lots of fakeouts
  • Serendipity (Chris Page) – circulate and turn 1/4 to a different wave

Saturday morning workshop (CommuniContra)

  • [Nonsense calls] A Dance for Dan (Bill Olson) – box the gnat > hey > swing
  • [Asking people for things] Neighbor, Neighbor On the Wall (Maia McCormick) – 2x swings with same N
  • [Twirl communication] Apogee (Chris Page) – symmetrical chain > allemande/orbit > swing dance
  • [Pause and debrief] Trip to Saratoga (Ryan Carollo) – pousette > facing star, real slick
  • [Band-led dance] Tica Tica Timing (Dean Snipes) – quintessential petronella dance

Saturday evening

  • Life in Boxes II (Maia McCormick) – lotsa balancing and passing on the sides, off-beat balance & box the gnat
  • Robins on a Wire (Will Mentor) – mad robin > wavy line of (larks/ravens); ravens cross set and partner follow
  • Further Mohr (Scott Higgs) – Rory O’Moore, ravens turn half while the larks go on
  • Happy Jew Queer (Maia McCormick) – L diag. chain, R diag. chain, turn away to circle, roll shadow to find P (hopefully)
  • Double Click (Bob Isaacs) – box circulate > swing N; box circulate > swing P
  • Shadowy Affaire (Bob Isaacs) – lose your partner, square through
  • Path to the Past (Chris Page) – same-role R/L through
  • The Easily Led Lad (Jim Hemphill) – facing star
  • Sue’s Cruise (Rick Mohr) – real smooth and flowing; hey > P walk around > larks lead circle R; 1/4 hey > P swing
  • Hume Fogg Reel (Susan Kevra) – asymmetrical allemandes (4/8/4)

Sunday morning

  • No-walk medley:
    • Barack Me, Obamadeus (Maia McCormick) – hey-like passing on the sides, prom. across > circle R
    • Rockin’ Robin (Rick Mohr) – full hey, zig-zag to circle R with new N’s
  • High Seas (Diane Silver) – Rory slide to swing N; Rory slide and larks pass two to allemande. (Also, “yo-ho!”)
  • Scooter (Tom Hinds) – ravens chain and larks scoot R to courtesy turn someone new
  • Gimmie the Good Stuff (Maia McCormick) – 2x prog., slice L with N, swing > swing transition
  • Pink Martini (Maia McCormick) – petronella to swing someone new, petronellas forever, allemande shadow, find P
  • Winter in Summerland (James Hutson & Jeff Spero) – pass the ocean, walk fwd. to start hey

Sunday afternoon

  • Cupid’s Clout (Susan Petrick) – pousette > hey
  • Turn Everyone (Al Olson) – actives look L to join left-hand star, turn contracorners up/down
  • Ellie’s Pumpkin Show (Bill Olson) – wavy line of (larks/ravens), walk forward to walk around P 3/4 (the super groovy one where + the band was ROCKING Summertime)
  • The Zen of Dance (Chris Page) – square through 3 (no balance) > R/L through (+ The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
  • Astral Navigation (Ron T. Blechner) – box circulate & Rory O’Moore