Friday evening

  • The Boys from Urbana (John Coffman) – zig zag, balance and swing everyone
  • Summer of ’84 (var.) (Gene Hubert & Steve Schnur) – simple waves and shadows
  • Wrinkled Ribbon (Melanie Axel-Lute) – full hey, promenade & circle right
  • Susie’s Send-Off (Scott Higgs) – short wave to long wave, box circulate to swing partner
  • Luke, You’re Not My Father (May the Fours Be With You) (Bob Green) – 4-face-4 with a grand square (obligatory May 4th dance)
  • Square Thru to You (Bob Isaacs) – square through, lose & find your partner

Saturday afternoon (“Brain-Bending Contras”)

  • Sobremesa (Seth Tepfer) – flowing dance, turn single to zig zag, turn single to allemande
  • Alexander’s Swing-Time (Chris Page) – swing > swing transitions (swing previous neighbor, then current neighbor)
  • Weave Into Orbit (Bob Isaacs) – weave the line into allemande + orbit
  • Would You Do It for $20? (Robert & Louie Cromartie) – most of contracorners + hey on the diagonal
  • Life in Boxes (Maia McCormick) – lots of balancing and passing on the sides, off-beat balance & box the gnat

Saturday evening

  • No-walk medley:
    • Triassic Poetry (Lindsey Miller Dono) – visit future N via weaving figure on the side`
    • Barack Me, Obamadeus (Maia McCormick) – hey-like passing on the sides, prom. across > circle R
    • Becky’s Brouhaha (Rhiannon Giddens) – visit previous neighbor
    • Return 2 Sender (Bob Isaacs) – full hey ending in box the gnat
  • Violet Ice (Maia McCormick) – pousette, mad robin, lots of eye contact with partner
  • Pink Martini (Maia McCormick) – petronella to swing someone new, petronellas forever, allemande shadow, find P
  • Out of Circulation (Chris Page) – box circulate to a full hey
  • Ellie’s Pumpkin Show (Bill Olson) – wavy line of (larks/ravens), walk forward to walk around P
  • Stir Crazy (Erik Weberg) – do-si-do partner, square through

Sunday morning (“With a Twist”)

  • Wasatch Wiggle (Erik Weberg) – petronella-nella turn
  • Trip to Wilson (Will Mentor) – star R, star L, ravens loop over R shoulder and cross the set
  • Path to the Past (Chris Page) -– same-role R/L through
  • The Shy Gazelle (Rick Mohr) – star promenade partner and immediately swing
  • Serendipity (Chris Page) -– circulate and turn ¼ to a different wave

Sunday afternoon

  • Playground Stomp (Ron T. Blechner) – Rory O’Moore and box circulate
  • Cupid’s Clout (Susan Petrick) -– pousette > hey
  • Robins on a Wire (Will Mentor) -– mad robin > wavy line of (larks/ravens); ravens cross set and partner follow
  • Hume Fogg Reel (Susan Kevra) -– asymmetrical allemandes (4/8/4)