Program: ESCape 2021


I’m thrilled beyond belief that I got to go to Pinewoods this summer, and dance, and hug all my friends, swim in Long Pond and eat pot de créme on the porch. Being on the mic again after all this bullshit was such a damn delight (and I even remembered which end to talk into!). So many thanks to the organizers who scrambled on 8 weeks’ notice to put together this incredible week.

I taught a workshop on contradance choreography, and you can download my handouts on contradance figures and timing and on dance seeds.

But anyway, here’s my program:

Monday Evening

  • Salmonella Evening (Steve Zakon-Anderson)
  • Wrinkled Ribbon (Melanie Axel-Lute)
  • Grand Picnic (Rick Mohr)
  • Still More O’Moore (Jim Kitch)

Tuesday Morning (“Take Your Time”)

  • Joyride (Erik Weberg)
  • A Gift to the Grange (Steve Zakon-Anderson)
  • Train to Trenton (Maia McCormick)
  • Fun Dance for Marjorie (Bob Golder)
  • Square Route (Bob Isaacs & Chris Page)
  • Sue’s Cruise (Rick Mohr)

Tuesday Evening

  • Minimum Fuss, Maximum Fun (Dean Snipes)
  • Violet Ice (Maia McCormick)
  • Ellerbe’s Ride (Dugan Murphy)
  • To Live Is to Dance (Jim Kitch)

Wednesday Morning (“Advanced Contra Happy Fun Time”)

  • Weave Into Orbit (Bob Isaacs)
  • No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk (Chris Weiler)
  • Robins on a Wire (Will Mentor)
  • Nothing Works and We Don’t Know Why (Yoyo Zhou)
  • Serendipity (Chris Page)

Wednesday Evening

  • Life in Boxes (Maia McCormick)
  • Rollin’ to the Grey Eagle (Hank Morris)
  • Mad Robin Landing (Will Mentor)
  • Train Delay (Maia McCormick)

Thursday Morning (“It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”)

  • Neighbor, Neighbor On the Wall (Maia McCormick)
  • A Thing of Trust (Chris Page)
  • Melody’s Madness (David Glick)
  • Trip to Wilson (Will Mentor)
  • Zombies of Sugar Hill (Gene Hubert)
  • Uplift (Chris Page)

Thursday Evening

  • Maliza’s Magical Mystery Motion (Cary Ravitz)
  • Barack Me, Obamadeus (Maia McCormick)
  • Square Thru to You (Bob Isaacs)
  • PB&J (Bill Olson)
  • Hume Fogg Reel (Susan Kevra)