Program: Queer Contra Dance Camp 2023


Y’all, Queer Contra Dance Camp on the West Coast is SO EXCELLENT. A weekend of contra and queer joy among the redwoods—what a delight to call for these folks. I shared the calling with incomparable Chris Ricciotti, and got to work with some red-hot musicians: The Mean Lids, and Aaron Marcus / Emily Troll / Anna Patton.

I taught a workshop on waltz (“Stone Soup: Waltzing with What You’ve Got”), and one on holding contra lines together (“Contra Superglue”), and called a bunch of contras. Here are my programs:

Friday Evening

  • Earl and Squirrel (Chris Weiler)
  • Not a Fever Dream (Maia McCormick)
  • Trip to Belfast (Luke Donforth)
  • Black Lake Inlet of Dr. Joe Rush (Seth Tepfer)
  • A Thing of Trust (Chris Page)
  • Hume Fogg Reel (Susan Kevra)

Saturday Morning (“Connective Contras”)

  • Joyride (Erik Weberg)
  • Eight Years and Still Swinging (Bob Isaacs)
  • Cows are Watching (Bill Pope & Judy Goldsmith)
  • Fiddler’s Fling (Cary Ravitz)

Saturday Evening

  • 50/50 (Bob Isaacs)
  • Playground Stomp (Julian Blechner)
  • Kinematic Dolphin Vorcity (Luke Donforth)
  • A Gift to the Grange (Steve Zakon-Anderson)
  • Neighbor, Neighbor On the Wall (Maia McCormick)
  • Maliza’s Magical Mystery Motion (Cary Ravitz)

Sunday Morning (“Challenging Contras”)

  • Double Click (Bob Isaacs)
  • Heart of Joy (Chris Page)
  • Nothing Works and We Don’t Know Why (Yoyo Zhou)
  • Devil’s Backbone (William Watson)
  • Pink Martini (Maia McCormick)

Sunday Afternoon