Program: American Week @ Pinewoods 2023


What a delight to attend American Week 2023 at Pinewoods Camp. I was there on a callership (which is how I’ve decided to refer to my caller scholarship), doing maybe 25% of the calling for the week so that Will Mentor and Lisa Greenleaf had some space to breathe. I got to call some Challenging Contra sessions and some chunks of the evening dance, and also got to do a whole lot more dancing than I usually do when I’m on staff, which was honestly great. Also, I premiered a handful of new dances (marked here with a star). Here’s what I called this week!

Saturday Evening

  • Maliza’s Magical Mystery Motion (Cary Ravitz)
  • Rocks and Dirt var. (Erik Weberg)
  • Brooklyn Transfer* (Maia McCormick)

Sunday Challenging Contras

  • Weird Chains Medley:
  • No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk (Chris Weiler)
  • (Not Quite A) Trip to Bute (Will Mentor, accidental variation)
  • Astral Navigation (Julian Blechner)

Sunday Evening

  • Kinematic Dolphin Vorcity (Luke Donforth)
  • Square Affair (Becky Hill)
  • A Turn for the Better (Bill Pope, Will Mentor var.)

Tuesday Challenging Contras

  • Uplift (Chris Page)
  • Sobremesa (Seth Tepfer)
  • Circulate 8 (Bob Isaacs)
  • Reflections (Cary Ravitz)
  • Ellie’s Pumpkin Show (Bill Olson)

Tuesday Evening

  • Earl & Squirrel (Chris Weiler)
  • Zombies of Sugar Hill (Gene Hubert)
  • Violet Ice (Maia McCormick)
  • Pink Martini (Maia McCormick)

Thursday Challenging Contras

  • Happy Jew Queer* (Maia McCormick)
  • Do Re Mi Re Do (Jerome Grisanti)
  • Utah Reel (Jeremy Korr)
  • Serendipity (Chris Page)

Friday Evening

  • Cows are Watching (Bill Pope & Judy Goldsmith)
  • My Partner’s Partner* (Maia McCormick)
  • Jim’s Whim var. (Rich McMath)
  • Eleanor’s Twisted Reel (Bill Olson, Luke Donforth var.)