Upcoming Gigs

Friday, Sept. 29 – Sunday, Oct. 1 — Youth Dance Weekend

I am so incredibly stoked to be calling this fabulous weekend alongside Dan Blim (English) and rad-tastic bands Sassafras Stomp, The Ripples, and DJ Beats and Tea. The weekend is held in scenic Weston, VT and is full of incredible dancing and stimulating, important conversation about how to keep improving our dance communities. I hope you come dance with us!

Thursday, Nov. 2 — Old Farmer’s Ball (Ashville, NC) with Switching Protocols

Friday, Nov. 2 — River Falls Advanced Dance (Taylors, SC) with Switching Protocols

Sunday, Nov. 5 — Glen Echo, MD with Switching Protocols

Saturday, Jan. 27 — CDNY (New York, NY), band TBA

Dances/Events Called (selected)